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develops and manufactures POS terminals and cEMV validators for cashless payments


Contactless payments with VENDOTEK EMV validators in Uzbekistan


Thanks to UZCARD, you will feel at home in Uzbekistan!


Upon arrival, pay for the bus fare on the cEMV VENDOTEK validator using the bank card. Pay for a hotel room, shopping in stores, dinner in a restaurant with a contactless card. And even at the Chorsu Oriental Market, you can afford a great shopping experience with a cashless payments!


The Republic of Uzbekistan is an ancient and beautiful pearl of the East! You can easily see all the sights of Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, and have a great rest with a cashless payments!

VENDOTEK and VM-20 cEMV validators are presented at the Moscow Government stand on Innoprom exhibition in Yekaterinburg


Terminal Technologies Group, together with the Transtelematics Service Center, presented equipment designed for automated fare collection in public transport. In addition, the company's card readers are used in new tap-to-go system, which will be installed on all Moscow metro turnstiles by the end of the year.


"International exhibitions are a great opportunity for businesses to show their high–tech products. Terminal Technologies were demonstrated VENDOTEK terminals and validators at the Innoprom. For example, in Moscow, such devices work at stations of Moscow central diameters," said Vladislav Ovchinsky, Head of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy, which is part of the Complex of Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations of the capital.


"Contactless payments are becoming the most popular payment method, replacing cash. VENDOTEK POS terminals and validators process more than a million transactions daily. Participation in exhibitions helps us to expand the base of contractors, the geography of deliveries and contributes to the fact that representatives of an increasing number of industries get acquainted with our products," said Igor Sukhostavsky, CEO of Terminal Technologies Group.

VENDOTEK POS terminals accept contactless payments at self-service car washes


VENDOTEK VX vending terminals accept contactless payment in more than 5,000 self-service car washes and other outdoor systems. Our devices work even at ski resorts covered by snow. You can pay with bank cards, phones and NFC devices for any goods and services in vending machines, at turnstiles, kiosks, EV chargers, parking lots.

VENDOTEK VX is equipped with a bright 3.5' touchscreen and is easily integrated into self-service devices in retail. The POS terminal will allow you to automate the sale of goods and services outdoors in a Smart City.  VENDOTEK was awarded as the best technical solution in the VASA2021 International Vending Innovation Competition.

VENDOTEK contactless EMV validators and POS terminals at the "INNOPROM. Central Asia 2022" Trade Fair


International Industrial Trade Fair "INNOPROM. Central Asia 2022" was held in Tashkent. Terminal Technologies Group presented VENDOTEK POS terminals and validators, well-known to all residents of Tashkent, and a unique novelty - an on-board computer (driver console) for public transport.


Our electronics already accept payment in the Tashkent metro and buses! Terminal Technologies Group will continue to develop and research in the field of contactless payments. Our partners and customers are interested in new VENDOTEK models - one of the best products on the market for automated payment in vending and transport.

VENDOTEK POS terminals accept cashless payments in Europe


Terminal Technologies Group provides contactless payment solutions all over the world. VENDOTEK V POS terminals are connected to international acquiring systems. Our European and Asian partners accept cashless transactions, and the money is credited to the accounts of vending machine operators.


Using VENDOTEK V POS terminals, vending companies reduce costs and increase the share of contactless payment. The rejection of coin changers and bill acceptors makes it possible to accept money into your accounts faster, optimize the maintenance of vending machines and prevent the transmission of infections through cash.

VENDOTEK T validators provide contactless payments in Tashkent public transport


O-CITY Automated Fare Collection Platform was installed in Tashkent public transport, providing quick and accessible payments via VENDOTEK T cEMV validators. The O-CITY team worked to deploy its platform on partners’ existing infrastructure using an on-premise model, while all operators connected to the ATTO master national operator. In addition to the technology, O-CITY has trained ATTO’s dedicated team while ongoing support is provided during the important digital transition phase.


Key results

  • Monthly average rides: 7,000,000
  • More than 1100 ground transport vehicles and all stations of the Tashkent metro are equipped with VENDOTEK T contactless EMV validators

Thanks to O-CITY, ATTO was able to create a multi-modal digital transport network, which allows commuters to pay seamlessly with contactless fare medias, including:

  • QR-Codes
  • Visa and Mastercard branded cards
  • UZCARD and HUMÓ national payment system cards
  • ATTO local transport cards

Download the case study to discover the journey of Uzbekistan

VENDOTEK and BIFIT Kassa will provide cloud fiscalization for vending


Terminal Technologies Group connected the VENDOTEK V POS terminals to BIFIT Register. The new partner will provide to vending market players a cloud tax service at a special price. Vending companies can choose an online fiscalization service and conclude a contract.


The cloud-based cash register from BIFIT provides remote sending of checks to the Federal Tax Service. Having paid for the goods on a contactless terminal, the customer will not wait for an unnecessary paper receipt. Information about the purchase is shown on the bright screen of VENDOTEK as a QR code with a link to an electronic receipt.

VENDOTEK T Full DC driver console was presented at the Innovative Transport Payment Solutions Forum


VENDOTEK T Full DC on-board driver console was presented at the 7th Forum "Innovative Payment Solutions for Transport". The device developed by Terminal Technologies Group accepts cashless payments on public transport, collects ticket sales statistics, and provides ticket printing on an external printer.


The on-board console is conveniently attached to the driver's workplace, CAN-bus connection is possible. VENDOTEK T Full DC is able to control the VENDOTEK T Lite validator network and is equipped with a full set of interfaces.

VENDOTEK VN POS terminal was announced at VendExpo 2022


Terminal Technologies Group presented a new payment terminal for vending at VendExpo 2022 exhibition. VENDOTEK VN POS terminal, featuring an affordable price, provides contactless payments for vending and slot machines, self-service car washes and parking lots, EV chargers and amusement parks.


VENDOTEK VN features

  • Connection to vending machines - MDB, Pulse
  • Fiscalization of cash and non-cash sales
  • Setting up parameters in the personal account and the service menu of the terminal
  • Internet access via 4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

VENDOTEK POS terminals are installed on pizza vending machines in the Moscow metro


The first pizza machines were launched at the Salarievo International bus station and in the passage at the Pushkinskaya station of the Moscow metro. The devices are equipped with VENDOTEK POS terminals that accept payment by cards and mobile with NFC.


The pizza machine cooks a hot pizza from scratch in three minutes. Inside, the flour is mixed with water. The dough is pressed until it becomes a disk, and the filling is laid out. Then the pizza is baked at a temperature of 380 degrees Celsius.


It is very convenient to buy a hot pizza when returning home after a hard day's work. Customers can choose from 4 varieties: cheese, salami, pepperoni, meat. You will not starve while waiting for delivery or be nervous because the courier is late! Pizzemat quickly prepare delicious pizza.

VENDOTEK VX outdoor POS terminals at QUICK CHARGE electric charging stations in Irkutsk


Our partner, QUICK CHARGE company, develops infrastructure for electric vehicles in Irkutsk, Siberia. Beautiful innovative electric charging stations QUICKLY with VENDOTEK VX POS terminals allow you to charge your car with a bank card payment .


Outdoor POS terminals made by Terminal Technologies Group are the only affordable solution for self-service devices that allows you to accept contactless cards and NFC smartphones outdoors, even in the extreme climate of Siberia. Electric charging stations QUICKLY attract with an original modern design that even residents of the largest cities in Europe and the USA will envy.

The YAN Ski Complex will use the Bars payment and access system with VENDOTEK terminals


YAN Ski Complex is located near Almetyevsk in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. The management of the complex decided to automate the payment for visitors. Vacationers will be able to pay for access not only by ski-pass, but also by bank card. And the BARS payment and access system with VENDOTEK POS terminals was chosen as the best solution.


The facility uses GOTSCHLICH turnstiles. DataKrat Conpany as part of the BARS payment and access system integrated:

  • 5 long-range antennas dkv-4000;
  • 5 VENDOTEK POS terminals.

As a result of the project, 5 checkpoints were built for contactless payment with Mifare and ICODE cards. In winter, the complex has several ski slopes and an ice rink. In summer, the ski slopes turn into a golf course with beautiful landscapes. 


VENDOTEK POS terminals will simplify the visit to the resort, visitors pass through the checkpoint in a convenient way:

  • by bank card;
  • by ski-pass (reading range 17-22 cm).

Bars.Server accepts contactless payments, and vacationers climb up on a rope lift. Now there is no need to buy or top up a ski pass in advance, you can tap a contactless bank card or a smartphone with NFC to VENDOTEK.

Watch the video

Contactless payments at electric car charging stations and parking lots with VENDOTEK POS terminals


On November 17, 2021, Vasily Dolgov, Head of transport projects at Terminal Technologies, spoke at the Parking Russia international exhibition about outdoor contactless payments at electric car charging stations and parking lots.


Unfortunately, most POS terminals are not designed to accept outdoor contactless payments. VENDOTEK V terminals are used in 5,000 self-service car washes, gas stations, parking lots, turnstiles and outdoor vending machines. More than 25,000 devices operate in Russia and Europe.

Kontron Company presented VENDOTEK T with AFC Multipass in USA


Kontron Company presented VENDOTEK T at the largest transport exhibition in the USA – APTA. cEMV validators with Automatic Fare Collection system Multipass  accept payments by closed-loop and open-loop cards, smartphones and mobile devices with NFC.


VENDOTEK T are the most compact validators in the world, they are certified by Visa, Mastercard, MIR, UnionPay, CIPURSE. For the price of 1 standard validator, you can install 3 or 4 VENDOTEK T Lite on all bus doors.

VENDOTEK-BENZUBER is a revolution of payment at the gas station


The automated gas station with VENDOTEK-BENZUBER was developed by our partner. Thanks to the company BENZUBER, you can quickly fill the fuel tank. Just choose the type of fuel and the litre, pay with a card or smartphone at our POS-terminal and refuel.


There is no gas station attendant who can spill gasoline on the car, or queue at the checkout. The solution with VENDOTEK VL is easily installed at the gas station and accepts any contactless payment methods. In the future, we will use automated gas stations, car washes and other services everywhere without people. Watch the Video!

Terminal Technologies Group exports validators in Europe and Asia


VENDOTEK T validators and TRANSITEK embedded card readers are exported in large quantities to Europe, Asia, the CIS. Over the past year, large projects have been implemented in:

  • Sofia Metro turnstiles - over 600 validators,
  • Buses and metro in Tashkent - more than 1300 validators,
  • Transport in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan.


More than 45,000 TRANSITEK card readers work in the products of the leading manufacturers:

  • AMCO (Greece),
  • EMTEST (Czech Republic)
  • Famoco (France),
  • Mikroelektronika (Czech Republic).

Contactless card validators VENDOTEK T are installed for automated fare collection in Sofia metro


VENDOTEK T validators are installed at Sofia metro turnstiles in Bulgaria and accept payments with prepaid transport cards. In a few months, at the second stage of the project, the acceptance of Visa and Mastercard bank cards will be implemented.


VENDOTEK T is designed and manufactured by Terminal Technologies Group. The Bulgarian metro has over 500 compact shockproof validators with the highest speed of accepting bank cards. Equipped with bright color displays, VENDOTEK T, unlike built-in readers, can be easily installed directly on the turnstile, minimizing integration costs.


The automated fare collection system for the Bulgarian subway has been implemented with common partnership of Consortium CNS, DSK Bank/DSK Mobile (part of OTP group) and  O-CITY by BPC. VENDOTEK T validators are certified by EMVCo, Mastercard, Visa, MIR, UnionPay. Maximum speed and reliability of card reading prevents delays and queues in front of turnstiles.


“More than 45,000 bank card readers made by Terminal Technologies Group are used all over the world in AMCO, Famoco, Mikroelektronika validators. More than 20,000 VENDOTEK T validators work in Russia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and now in Bulgaria! " - said Igor Sukhostavsky, CEO of Terminal Technologies Group.