Terminal Technologies Group is an innovative developer and manufacturer of equipment for cashless payments


  • Identify industry trends and stay one step ahead 


Our values

  • Product quality and security of payments, which are confirmed by international certificates


Our Team

  • More than 50 people, including more than 25 engineers
  • 6 leading experts with experience in R&D Hypercom




One of the global POS industry leaders, the American company Hypercom, founded a development center, which was headed by Igor Sukhostavsky.



10 years      

For 10 years of successful work, Terminal Technologies has developed several lines of POS-terminal products known throughout the world. The engineering staff has gained tremendous R&D experience.




I. V. Sukhostavsky together with his partner founded Transaction Systems company, which developed a unique software for Hypercom POS terminals that allows to enter the CIS market.




I. V. Sukhostavsky founded Terminal Technologies Group, which was engaged in the development of telecommunications devices for Hypercom POS terminal integrators.



Terminal Technologies Group together with SHTRIKH-M Group started the development of the YARUS POS terminal.




The innovative POS terminal YARUS С2100 was developed:

•  for the first time in the world, a POS terminal was combined with a cash register (only in 2015 a similar decision was made by competitors);

•  for the first time in the world POS terminal used OC Linux.


Since 2009, Terminal Technologies has completely transferred the documentation for the production of YARUS to SHTRIH-M, leaving only support and documents for the software.



Terminal Technologies Group is implementing an innovative project to install fully-functional contactless bank card readers of its own design and production at Aeroexpress turnstiles, which ensure the maximum speed of cashless payment.




We won a tender for the supply of Vendotek POS terminals for CocaCola in the Czech Republic. Terminal Technologies Group entered the list of official CocaCola suppliers.


At the request of VISA for the Olympic Games, built-in contactless bank card readers for validators manufactured by Shtrikh-M were developed. A batch of 700 validators was installed in the buses.




Most of the country's automated parking lots use Terminal Technologies solutions for cashless payments by bank cards.




A contract was signed with the Greek company AMCO for the supply of built-in contactless bank card readers for transportation projects in India.




By order of MasterCard and Arena-Marketing for the FIFA World Cup, unique contactless bank card readers were developed to be embedded in turnstiles at stadiums for fans to pass through. All World Cup stadiums were equipped with fan card readers.


In the Moscow Region, one of the largest projects in Europe was launched to equip vehicles with validators and accept bank cards (over 10,000 boards).


The company demonstrated its own design transport validators. These are the world's most compact credit card validators.




A new payment terminal VENDOTEK VX, designed for outdoor use, was developed and put into production. The model accepts contactless cards, smartphones with NFC and QR codes.


The Terminal Technologies Group has become a nominee for the Priority-2019 National Import Substitution Award.


In Russia, Europe and Asia, more than 15,000 vending machines with VENDOTEK V POS terminals and more than 60,000 VENDOTEK T transport validators accept cashless payments.




Launch of new models, development of production. Growth of supplies to Europe and the CIS countries.


Russian Standard Bank and Terminal Technologies have developed and implemented QR code payments on vending machines equipped with VENDOTEK POS terminals.


More than 90,000 VENDOTEK terminals and card readers accept payments in transport, vending and self-service retail systems around the world. Contactless fare payment systems have been launched in Belgorod, Lipetsk, Baku, Tashkent, Bulgaria, and other countries. Our cashless technologies are used even in Mecca !




VENDOTEK V is recognized as the best technical solution in the international competition of innovations for vending and self-service systems VASA 2021. Visa Ready for Transit partner status received.


Terminal Technologies Group has developed an innovative terminal VENDOTEK VL. The device accepts contactless payments with Visa, Mastercard, MIR, UnionPay bank cards and NFC devices on self-service vending machines outside the premises. The sealed VENDOTEK V Lite keeps working even when submerged in water.


At the Sheregesh ski resort, service by bank cards and NFC devices has started on 7 lifts. VENDOTEK POS terminals manufactured by Terminal Technologies Group were installed at 11 turnstiles. 



More than 5,000 turnstiles of the Metro are equipped with our Transitek bank card readers. 


More than 110,000 VENDOTEK terminals, validators, and TRANSITEK bank card readers accept cashless payments worldwide.


Our company develops POS terminals and software for POS- terminal equipment.


Our Mission is is to create unique equipment that has no analogues on the market and fully meets the requirements and expectations of consumers.


We appreciate our customers and respect their interests. Our company solves all arising issues in the shortest possible time.


We appreciate our employees and try to create the most comfortable and productive environment, because it is the only way we can achieve good results

Our mission is a mutually beneficial and productive cooperation between all interested parties - customers, our employees, suppliers and distributors:

  We create high-quality equipment with tremendous configuration flexibility and an almost unlimited area of application;

  The main principle of our work is continuous development and improvement;

  We constantly optimize the internal processes of the company to achieve the best result;

  We have reliable and relevant information about each stage of production, this gives us reliable control over the entire development process;

 Our employees are high-level professionals who are involved in the process and ready for training;

 We carefully monitor the customers’ requirements and expectations , this gives us the opportunity to constantly improve the quality of our products and set new goals;

The quality management system for us is not an empty phrase, we try to meet its requirements as much as possible and do not miss the chance to increase its effectiveness;

We adhere to the following configuration management policy to achieve the company's goals and provide benefits to our customers and partners:

  • We maintain configuration management system complied with the Terminal Quality Management (TQM) Requirements developed by the Mastercard International Incorporated and continually improve the effectiveness of the system;
  • We establish measurable quality objectives, including configuration management objectives,  regularly review achievement of the objectives, and update these objectives basing on the achieved results and gained experience;
  • We keep strict Product Configuration Identification by identifying and documenting the functional and physical characteristics of the configuration items (CIs);
  • We implement strict product Change Management by controlling changes to the CIs and their related documentation;
  • We support Product Configuration Status Accounting by recording and usinging of information needed to manage CIs effectively, including the status of proposed changes and the implementation status of approved changes;
  • We conduct Product Configuration Audit on each stages of the Product life cycle by verifying of the the CIs conformance to specifications, interface control documents and other requirements.


  The entire staff of the company shares the principles of the quality management and the configuration management, participate in the process of its continuous improvement, clearly understand the goals of their work, see the result and affect it.

Development and maintenance of the quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 requirements and the configuration management system in accordance with the TQM requirements have helped us to improve the quality of products and the level of services we provide.


Our customers can be sure that, choosing us, they made the right decision.