VENDOTEK T validators received Visa Ready certification

The products of Terminal Technologies Group have passed a new international certification for export. The Visa payment system has tested the reliability, security, compliance with standards and the results of the use of Russian contactless validators for transport. Innovative VENDOTEK T successfully passed all the stages of verification and became the first one in Russia to receive Visa Ready certification.


VENDOTEK POS-terminals and validators are designed in accordance with the requirements of the international payment systems EMVCo and are certified for accepting contactless payments. The new status of Visa Ready for Transit confirms the leading positions of Russian validators VENDOTEK T in the world.


"Today, contactless payment is one of the conditions for the development of public transport. According to the results of the Visa study, every third respondent in Russia (35%) is ready to use urban transport more often if it is possible to pay for travel conveniently. Visa introduced the Visa Ready for Transit program to provide transit agencies with access to market-leading solutions and capabilities to support key aspects of next generation fare systems, including ticketing and fare collection, and back office management. We are pleased that the Russian VENDOTEK T validators have successfully certified as Visa Ready and will be used to provide commuters in Russia with comfortable, modern and convenient travel experience, " said Alexey Denisov, Senior Director of Visa's Digital Solutions Department in Russia.


"The compact VENDOTEK T with touch screen is included in Visa's international list of the top 20 POS terminals and validators for Smart Transport. Our validators accept contactless payments using bank and transport cards, NFC and QR codes at maximum speed. VENDOTEK is exported all over the world thanks to the best functionality, modern design and optimal price, " said Igor Sukhostavsky, CEO of Terminal Technologies Group.