Russian Standard Bank has launched a QR code payment option via SBP on VENDOTEK V3 and VX terminals

Russian Standard Bank and Terminal Technologies Group have developed and implemented a QR-code payment system through the Russian Fast Payment System (SBP) on vending machines equipped with VENDOTEK POS terminals. Payment by QR codes via the SBP reduces acquiring costs due to the low rates set by the Bank of Russia.


Payment for the purchase is very simple: the consumer enters the product number on the vending machine, then selects the payment method on the terminal screen – via the SBP, scans the dynamic QR code from the VENDOTEK screen with their mobile phone, and then the mobile Bank receives an instant response with payment confirmation. The payer's Bank must be a member of the SBP and support payment using QR codes in its own app.


A special feature of the implemented solution is the ability to add payment by QR code via the SBP to any VENDOTEK terminal (regardless of which Bank is the acquirer for Bank card transactions). Thus, transactions on Bank cards can go through one Bank, and operations on SBP - through the Russian Standard Bank.