POS terminal VENDOTEK V for charitable donations

The donation collection system based on VENDOTEK V was created by POSITRON, a partner of Terminal Technologies Group. Earlier, X5 Retail Group, together with the Line of Life charitable foundation, installed VENDOTEK V payment terminals in four Karusel hypermarkets in Moscow and the Moscow Region to collect donations for the treatment of seriously ill children.

Today, people are uncomfortable with throwing cash into a box; it's easier to tap a bank card, mobile phone with NFC, smart watch or fitness bracelet to a contactless POS terminal. The key feature of the solution on VENDOTEK V terminals is a user-friendly touch-screen interface with a choice of the donation amount.


Contactless payments are more attractive and technologically advanced than outdated payments in bills and coins. It is easier and more pleasant for people to tap a bank card than to look for cash. Unlike mobile applications, card donations do not require waiting for download, authorization and other lengthy unpleasant actions.


“Today, contactless payments by cards and mobile phones are becoming mandatory for all spheres of life. According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the share of non-cash in retail is 70%. More than 50% of the population simply do not carry cash, so the automation of charity with VENDOTEK V POS terminals is becoming a modern trend and very convenient for collecting donations,” said DmitrIy Kornienko, CMO of Terminal Technologies Group.