Fan identification system based on the T2100 POS terminal

Stadiums in Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Tula and other Russian cities have implemented a system of identification and loyalty of spectators using contactless M/Chip Mastercard technology.


Stadium visitors can get contactless fan cards that allow them to pay for tickets, enter the stadium, and receive discounts and exclusive offers from event organizers. This technology also makes it possible to effectively identify viewers of football matches.


To enter the stadium, fans need to attach a contactless card to the reader on the turnstile. The t2100 POS terminal developed by Terminal Technologies provides data reading and processing from cards. The software and design of the T2100 POS terminal were modified specifically for this project by employees of the Terminal Technologies Group.


Instead of a card, you can also use a smartphone with NFC function and the installed mobile app "Wallet", with which you can create a mobile fan card and pay for tickets to the match. To enter the stadium, just attach your smartphone to the reader.