TECHNESIS corporate bus control system based on VENDOTEK T validators

Our partner, TECHNESIS Company, has developed a corporate bus monitoring system. A solution based on individual contactless employee cards for registering corporate transit on VENDOTEK T validators installed in buses. Enterprises get the opportunity to analyze data on transported employees and optimize transport costs.

  • The new system easily accounts and controls how employees use corporate trasport;
  • Every employee's trip is considered;
  • Buses planning and schedualing;
  • Full transport monitoring and control;
  • The customer is provided with a personal account from the TECHNESIS cloud service where data analytics is available (counting passengers, analyzing vehicle loading, analyzing the efficiency of transport use, identifying facts of illegal use of transport, etc.);
  • Prompt data of the bus location and the number of passengers are available through the web interface.

"The control of corporate buses requires accurate and up-to-date data on loading and passenger traffic. Based on our experience, we have created a modern monitoring system. Identification using corporate access cards on VENDOTEK T validators allows you to collect all the information and prevent unauthorized travel. Our system processes the received data and ensures optimization of transport costs, " said Dmitry PyankovskIy, General Director of TECHNESIS.