VENDOTEK V terminals and validators confirmed compliance with EMV L2 Contact

The Terminal Technologies Group has once again confirmed the compliance of VENDOTEK POS terminals and validators with the EMV L2 Contact specification requirements. Our terminals and validators have passed complex and multi-level testing according to EMVCo standards (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay and Visa payment systems) in an international laboratory. Several thousand functional tests were successfully performed, including performance, cardholder verification, risk management, and reliability.


Terminal Technologies Group uses only its own L2 libraries as part of the POS-terminal’s software. Self-developed software solutions allow us to meet the changing requirements of payment systems and support new specifications.


"We have built a full cycle of creating POS terminals and software for them. Complete independence from European or Chinese manufacturers and developers has been achieved, the products of Terminal Technologies Group can be adapted to any project. VENDOTEK V terminals integrate with various vending machines and self-service systems: postamates, stand-alone storefronts, micro markets. Our electronics accepts payments with contactless and contact cards, mobile devices via NFC, QR codes through the Fast Payment System," said Igor Sukhostavskiy, CEO of Terminal Technologies Group.