On-board driver's console VENDOTEK T Full DC 

 On-board computer with monitoring and acceptance of cash and cashless payments, including contact and contactless. Designed for buses, electric buses, trolleybuses, trams and other types of public transport.


 VENDOTEK T FULL DC driver console can manage a network of Vendotek T Lite validators. For the price of 1 standard validator, you can install 3 or 4 VENDOTEK T on all doors in buses or subway turnstiles. Local Network of Low-Cost Validators with one Driver Console significantly reduces Automated Fare Collection project costs.


 On-board console can perform the functions of a router (WiFi, Ethernet), a built-in printer, a driver's information console with a 10.1" screen, a route computer with built-in GPS.


✔  Designed for Automated Fare Сollection using cash payments, EMV Bank cards, CIPURSE, PURE, MIFARE transport cards, NFC-enabled mobile devices, QR codes.


✔  VENDOTEK T  FULL DC has full-featured software and works with the bank independently.


  On-board console can check the cards against the blacklist, work in direct and deferred transactions mode.


  To work with transport MIFARE cards, you need a special application that can be developed by Terminal Technologies Group or an Integrator Partner (SDK is provided) and loaded into the terminal. SAM modules support is included.

  Bank cards reading reliability  is confirmed by international certificates EMV L1,L2, UnionPay, PURE, Visa Ready for Transit, Mastercard Transit Partner.


  VENDOTEK T FULL DC allows you to print receipts on the built-in printer or displays the QR code of the receipt on the screen.


  The driver's console can provide cloud fiscalization of ticket sales and telemetry.


  VENDOTEK T is equipped with LTE modem and Ethernet interfaces for Internet access. The communication channel is encrypted using SSL or TLS with the possibility of mutual authentication.


  Certificates for encryption are uploaded to VENDOTEK's secret memory at the factory. Keys for transport cards can also be loaded into the secret memory remotely.


 The design excludes the possibility of open access in public transport to the ports of communication interfaces. 



  Software update is performed remotely via the TMS server and personal account.


  Remote monitoring of work via TMS is also possible.



•  OS Linux 3.18 or Android 8.1
•  CPU Cortex-A7, 4 cores х 1.1 GHz

•  Flash memory 8GB eMMC for storing programs and data (16GB optional) 

•  RAM 1 ГБ for executing programs (2GB optional) 

•  Supply voltage  + 9 … 36V (vehicle battery)

•  Color TFT display 1280 × 720 10.1 '', Touch Multi PCAP

•  QR code is displayed on the screen

•  Built-in printer with maximum printing speed: 80 мм/sec

•  IP 54


•  LTE Modem with internal antenna

•  SIM module - 2

•  Ethernet 10/100BaseT

•  RS232 

•  SAM modules (optional) - 2-4

•  USB Host 2.0 Type C

•  WiFi 2.4 /5 GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n

•  Bluetooth, GPS, GLONASS

•  AUDIO - 2W integrated audio Speaker, mic in, audio out


•  from -10 to +70 °С

•  working humidity from 10% to 90% at 25°C, non-condensing

•  storage from -40 to +85 °С;

•  storage humidity from 10% to 95% at 35°C, non-condensing


• display, reading - standard


•  directly from the vehicle electrical system, voltage range 9 - 36V, protection against polarity reversal and voltage surges in the vehicle electrical system

•  power consumption at 24V up to 15W at rest and 50W when printing


•  without mounting kit - 165mm x 250mm x25 mm


•  MIR

•  Visa

•  MasterCard

•  Samsung Pay

•  Apple Pay

•  Google Pay


•  EMV L1, L2

•  PayPass

•  PayWave

•  MIR

SUPPORTED ISO 14443-3/4, ISO 7816-2 CARDS

•  MIR

•  PayPass

•  PayWave

•  China Union Pay


•  MIFARE Ultralight/Ultralight C

•  MIFARE Plus

•  MIFARE Classic

•  MIFARE Desfire



•  VENDOTEK T FULL DC on-board console

•  Panel fasteners

•  Multicable

•  Passport

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