Automated Fare Collection on intercity routes using VENDOTEK T validators

Automated fare collection systems implemented by partners of Terminal Technologies Group are used not only in cities. Our contactless VENDOTEK T validators allow to pay with a Bank card for long-distance and suburban travel. The solution is implemented in the Belgorod and other regions of Russia.


When entering the bus, the passenger tap a Bank or transport card to the VENDOTEK T validator, and the GPS determines the initial coordinates. At the exit, you tap the card, and the coordinates of the end point are determined. The fare is calculated and collected automatically.


"Automation of payment for intercity and suburban transportation increases the profitability of transport companies. Cashless payments does not require a conductor. The COVID-19 coronavirus persists on banknotes for up to 24 hours, and contactless validators prevent infection through cash," said Igor Sukhostavskiy, СEO of Terminal Technologies Group.