Russian Standard Bank and Terminal Technologies Group have launched VENDOTEK system for QR-code payments in self-service kiosks

Russian Standard Bank and Terminal Technologies group have developed a self-service kiosk management system based on the VENDOTEK terminal, thanks to which you can pay for orders delivered from online stores using a QR code through the Fast Payment System (SBP).


Vendotek's innovative terminals can manage self-service kiosks and interact with customers via a bright touch screen. The technology of payment by QR code via the SBP for delivered online orders is simple. Just enter the order number, then select the payment type "via SBP". After a dynamic QR code appears on the screen, you should scan it using your smartphone, confirm the payment in Bank's mobile app, and pick up purchases from the self-service kiosk. An important condition is that the payer's Bank must be a member of the Fast Payment System (SBP) and support payment by QR codes in its mobile app.


«All online shoppers are accustomed to user-friendly interfaces and pleasant tactile sensations from smartphones' touch screens. We've brought online best practices to offline by abandoning the outdated buttons. The new solution based on VENDOTEK terminal with a touchscreen makes it easy to pay and receive orders from online stores. Thanks to the innovations of Russian Standard Bank, payments are possible through the mobile apps using QR codes, which is very convenient in the absence of a contactless Bank card and NFC in a mobile phone,” said Igor Sukhostavskiy, CEO of Terminal Technologies Group.