Tips+' s cashless system covers more and more cafes, bars and restaurants

Tips+' s cashless system covers more and more cafes, bars and restaurants. The Mission vegan bar has VENDOTEK terminals for contactless tips. Guests can choose the amount themselves and immediately transfer it to the bar staff using a contactless Bank  card or NFC-enabled mobile phone.


The Tips+ service helps prevent errors when transferring money to the card and problems with QR code recognition. The VENDOTEK contactless terminals help you easily and safely transfer tips with a Bank card or smartphone. Bar guests don't have to install apps, log in to their mobile banking, or search for a QR code that isn't always recognized by Android phones. Just select the tip amount and pay directly to the waiters via a beautiful bright green reader.


"More and more cafes and restaurants are choosing Tips+. It is inconvenient for guests of bars and restaurants to transfer money through a mobile Bank by entering all the required passwords. It's much easier to pay the bill and then walk up to the counter and transfer the tip with a single swipe of your hand. The original design and unobtrusive reminder attract visitors, and a good collection of tips through VENDOTEK terminals increases employee motivation, " said Yuri Vecher, CEO and founder of Tips+ .