VENDOTEK vending terminal is certified for durability and vandal resistance

VENDOTEK vending terminals, which accept cashless payments from cards and mobile devices, have been tested for durability and vandal resistance. Confirmed compliance with GOST 30630.1.10-2013 codes IK07, IK08. POS-terminals for vending machines manufactured in Zelenograd, withstand without damage the fall of a load weighing 1.7 kg from a height of 29.5 cm.


All serial vending terminals of Terminal Technologies group have vandal-proof protection, including shock-resistant glass and reinforced screen mounting. Protective glass thickness of 1.8 mm is designed specifically for VENDOTEK on the basis of Japanese technology.


"After testing for IK07 (impact energy— 2 joules) and IK08 (impact energy — 5 joules),  Vendotek POS terminal t2100 has no damage that reduces safety and prevents its further use, and has retained its functions," says the test report No. 74-20 of the accredited test center for electronic equipment.